AC Henry Co., Inc.

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Our lineage dates back to the 1870s starting as the Huntingdon Car Works.  The building we operate from originally manufactured various types of railroad cars providing a key component in a system of many parts.

Since early beginnings we still manufacture components for larger "things," but in the realm of Precision Component Manufacturing.  The staff of AC Henry has over 40 years of component machining experience, rest assured we can deliver a reliable product.

Now we are taking another step forward, bringing the cutting edge of technology to the machining-manufacturing industry all while preserving local Huntingdon, Pennsylvania jobs.  Our focus and direction has always been moving forward and we hope to take you, the customer, with us.

To our customers, we appreciate your loyalty over the many years of doing business and we will continue to give you quality service, a quality product, effective support, and on-time delivery, as expected. We understand how important you are to the future of our business, and we will continue working smartly, to give you favorable pricing and the value-added service of just-in-time delivery.

To our prospective customers, please take note that we specialize in the manufacture of precision-machined industrial components, engineered to your specifications. We can work with you on stocking programs, so that when you need a shipment, it will be in your inventory within 24 hours. Our manufacturing capabilities are serviced using high volume, automated equipment. These facilities are supported by high-quality engineering and technical systems, which are integrated with our business information systems.

Call (814) 506-9322 to talk to us directly and request a quote.

Meet the Team


Carl H. Baxter

My experience with single spindle and multiple spindle automatic screw machines helped the transition to CNC machining.  Today our team has developed skills to utilize advanced laser techniques to create complex and traditional components efficiently.

I founded Baxter Machine Products in 1976 with the intent to provide quality precision based machining services, now in 2017 my team and I are transitioning into AC Henry Co. a premier advanced manufacturing plant utilizing local tradesmen and cutting edge machinery.  We look to the future in the form of even more advanced services such as metallic laser printing, mass production CNC, metallurgical services, and reverse engineering capabilities from our brand new computerized production machines.


Chris Querry

My name is Chris Querry and I am the General Manager at AC Henry. I have worked with Baxter Machine Products and now AC Henry for more than 20 years. I started by sweeping the floors in Baxter Machine Products and then moved onto operating the machines. From there, l went to York Technical Institute for Computer Aided Drafting and Design. 

When I was younger, I played with legos which peaked my interest in how things worked. I gained my start on Carl's pit crew for vintage car races. I graduated from Mt. Union High school and born and raised in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. 


Mary Baxter

I proudly have worked for my Dad and his businesses since I was 15 years old. I was the previous Human Resource Manager and ISO Coordinator for Baxter Machine Products Inc. and will also be completing those duties now as Office Manager for AC Henry Company.

I grew up in Huntingdon, PA and attended Juniata College (Class of 2001). I am also a counselor in local schools and homes for children with emotional, social and behavioral disturbances. 





Our History

Times were different then, so were we.

Our lineage at AC Henry dates back to the mid 1870s when the nation was consumed in "Railroad Fever."  Rolling stock traveling over the thousands of miles of newly constructed railroad track was in high demand, our roots began as the "Huntingdon Car Works" by filling the need of an ever growing, never sleeping, network of railroads.  Quality wooden boxcars riding on "Arch Bar Trucks" as well as other specialized cars such as the Diamond Valley Railroad's only Parlor Car rolled out of our shop complex.  Yet it wasn't until 1886 that the Robert's Brothers of Philadelphia purchased the car works and began exploring other uses of the shops.  The shop complex sold off in 1899 to the Keystone Boiler Works of Irwin, PA.  Stated in Railway World a trade magazine, the company would employe around 250 locals and begin the manufacturing of boilers and radiators, as well as operate new Annealing Ovens.  Taking the next step into the world of advanced manufacturing even as early as 1899. The shop complex sold again in 1906  to C.F. Dickinson of the Pittsburgh Industrial Iron Works for a price of $60,000, as stated in the Iron Trade Review another trade magazine.

From there at the turn of the century till the 1970s the facility manufactured several different products under several names; but when an Allentown based manufacturing shop, Bonney Forge, decided to build a new facility in Huntingdon County replacing the old site a man by the name of Carl Henry Baxter purchased the buildings and started his own machine shop preserving a site that would continue in town and area employment.  This company operated under Carl Baxter from it's creation in 1976 till 2008 when Carl decided to retire, after which his company was sold into new ownership.  In 2016, it was announced that the company was relocating from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania to a site near Lancaster.  Huntingdon having dealt with several blows to the manufacturing industry, was about to loose another job source.  Not wishing to see the jobs leave locally, Carl came out of retirement and formed AC Henry Co (A Carl Henry Company).

Today AC Henry has stepped into the world of advanced manufacturing, not only are we still capable of producing the standard machine shop "one-off" orders, but we are entering the realm of 3D laser metal printing, advanced CNC machining, metrology and reverse engineering, as well as production precision machining.  We aim to be the best and most advanced precision machining facility in the Central Pennsylvania region and we hope that our lineage will continue in providing the best quality product we can make.

"Huntingdon is the heart of central Pennsylvania's Juniata Valley of precision with 250 years and 20 generations of skillful manufacturing for hundreds of major products. Fine yarns, spiral bound tablets, steam locomotive components, bank deposit books, high grade steam engines, foundry castings, rail box cars, farm implements, highway marking systems, critical national defense components, fiberglass, high pressure pipe fittings, electronic connectors are some of products made in Juniata's Precision Valley."  

Carl Baxter--AC Henry President

  Lane Foundry

& Machine Works

Local business occupying some of our facilities space circa 1890.